Our founder began investing in apartments in the early 1970s, and quickly discovered that
multi-family properties are especially dependent upon superior management. Then, as today, quality management expertise was scarce. With no option other than to develop the competency himself, REMI was created to fulfill the needs of one owner. While our founder was an early adopter, an understanding of the value of professional management has grown over time. REMI has grown alongside the growth of this concept, which today is standard practice. Our origins as a real estate owner still serve us well in guiding our decision making.


REMI has managed thousands of multifamily units over that last three decades throughout California and the Southwest. We have a very well established track record in this product type, and our resources are considerable. Our experience ranges from newly constructed Class A properties, that require the same attention to detail and level of service as our Association Management clients, to Class C properties involved in a repositioning where we advise on risk mitigation and value-add strategies. We continue to manage a portfolio of our own properties, and we manage clients properties as if they were our own.


REMI manages a diverse group of retail and office properties. We have experience ranging from small older retail properties to modern mixed-use developments incorporating retail, office and housing components. Of note is our expertise in Association Management, which makes us one of the few property managers capable of effectively managing commercial condos. In these properties complexities such as the election laws and disclosure requirements of the Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act coincide with CAM charges and the complexities of commercial leases.


Investment opportunities, career changes and inheritance are the most common situations that lead to a single family residence becoming an investment instead of a home. Correctly managing a single family residence requires all the expertise of managing an apartment building with the additional challenge of minimizing the higher cost structure inherent in this class of real estate investment. Existing Association Management clients often choose us
to manage their individual properties within the association because they can then rest assured that their manager knows their property and that they know their manager.