Your property will require both regular and unscheduled maintenance. It may also be advisable to perform upgrades, minor or significant, to maximize value. We are here to ensure whatever you decide to do is done correctly, for a fair price, in a timely manner, and gets done as painlessly as possible.

The REMI team includes experienced maintenance coordinators to field and process requests. They work with our in-house contractors and tradesmen, as well as valued outside vendors to ensure the most appropriate, timely and cost-effective response. This team also works together with our sales professionals to recommend and perform the most effective upgrades to maximize the value and income from your property.
Having an extensive in-house maintenance department allows us to perform a variety of jobs on our clients' properties. We employ staff with various skills, and we select from among them and outside vendors for each project. Since all of our in-house tradesmen are full time REMI employees, we are able to ensure responsiveness and quality, as well as competitive pricing. You will not have to worry that a contractor has moved on without getting the job done right. Use of in-house maintenance is always at your discretion.

Through our maintenance department clients are allowed to capitalize on our bulk purchasing power and long term relationships with vendors. Our size allows us to get lower rates and better responsiveness from vendors. Vendors know that they must perform well on our jobs, or we will not recommend them in the future. We provide you leverage over contactors that otherwise might not do the right thing. Our staff reviews the vendor's paperwork looking for liability insurance, workers compensation insurance, licensing and references to help ensure that you are protected.
REMI also facilitates construction management services under a separate agreement for larger or more complex projects. The construction manager is the owner’s representative and advocate. This role represents the owner’s interests, especially important where they can conflict with those of the general contractor, to ensure that your project is performed with efficiency and integrity. The construction manager’s responsibilities can include: documentation review, scheduling and coordination of contractors, building audits, supervision of destructive testing and change order management. Our construction management services allow you to rest easy knowing that your project will be completed to your satisfaction and with your best interests in mind.

REMI services stretch well beyond basic maintenance. We would like to be your single resource for achieving your real estate goals.