(CIDs: HOAs, PUDs & MHPs)

Financial Management

  • Maintain separate operating trust accounts, reserve trust accounts, and investment trust accounts, as applicable, for all association funds
  • Bill and collect monthly association assessments
  • Manage delinquent assessments including: preparation of regular delinquency reports, delinquency notices and follow-up correspondence, retention of collection agencies, and providing advice to the board on delinquency collection
  • Reconcile association funds with bank statements and provide reconciled bank statements to the board
  • Receive and classify all invoices from vendors
  • Make payment from trust accounts for regular operating expenses
  • Obtain approval of invoices for capital expenditures from the board and make payment from appropriate trust accounts
  • Transfer funds to reserve accounts as directed by the board
  • Provide all required monthly financial reports to board, including the operating trust account statement, reserve trust account statement and delinquency statement
  • Prepare annual financial statements for the board
  • Advise the board on the preparation of the annual operating and reserve budgets
  • Schedule the annual audit or review, as applicable, with certified public accountants and provide them with required information
  • Maintain the association membership list
  • Supervise maintenance of association financial records, including historic financial reports and A/P and A/R backup
  • Provide information to title companies upon sale and refinance of units

Administrative Management

  • Attend scheduled board meetings
  • Attend annual membership meetings
  • Assist the board in election proceedings at annual membership meetings
  • Prepare and distribute meeting agendas and minutes
  • Provide assistance to the board in accomplishing their general duties, responsibilities and objectives relating to the association
  • Supervise association management staff to ensure optimum efficiency and productivity (if applicable)
  • Manage staffing, including hiring, firing, training and dispute resolution (if applicable)
  • Review and advise on insurance policies, and maintain policies as directed by the board
  • Provide homeowners with general information regarding the association
  • Maintain association records electronically and supervise storage of physical records
  • Advise the board on enforcement of association document provisions, rules and regulations
  • Provide homeowners and board members a single point of contact during regular business hours, as well as an
    after-hours answering service for emergency matters (24 hours per day & 365 days per year)

Physical Management

  • Advise the board on the maintenance and upkeep of association common areas
  • Purchase equipment and supplies on behalf of the association
  • Contract for maintenance services on behalf of the association
  • Coordinate maintenance work at the property by monitoring workers activities through detailed reporting and work order tracking
  • Assist in the resolution of association maintenance problems, concerns and complaints
  • Advise the board regarding specialized and vetted vendors for work at the association
  • Periodic inspections of the association common area (if applicable)
  • Recommend major improvement projects to the board
  • Assist in the preparation of specifications and securing of bids for major improvement projects (construction management services for capital improvements are only provided under separate agreement)