Advisory & Investment Services


We provide expert advisory and analysis for real estate assets throughout the country. Advisory services from REMI come from senior team members, not unseasoned recent business school graduates, because of our boutique size. However, what really sets apart our services in this area is our operational roots. Our team members are not just experienced at using a spreadsheet, putting on a sales presentation or creating an unusually favorable proforma income statement. They have all operated properties. They have done so for extended periods of time, and they have had profit and loss responsibility. REMI team members understand the weight of responsibility.

In this capacity, we also provide hourly analysis services geared to help maximize the productivity, and minimize the risk, associated with your asset. We have provided guidance on acquisitions and dispositions, as well as third party opinions that help to improve the accuracy and efficacy of initial findings. Members of our team have also repeatedly been called upon to act as expert witnesses in court proceedings.

Please feel free to contact us and discuss your situation. We will help if we are in a position to do so. lf not, we may know someone who can.


REMI was created because a real estate investor needed responsible and efficient management. The principals of our company continue to make strategic value-driven investments, particularly with multi-family properties in the San Francisco Bay Area and in the Monterey Bay region. These investments are often made alongside other participants acting as a syndication group. While these investments are not made through REMI, access to good management and all the resources of a leading full service property management company helps to increase the odds of their success.

Such syndication groups provide a variety of opportunistic (higher risk - higher return) to stabilized (lower risk - lower return) investments for qualified investors. These investments are certainly not right for everyone due to the risk inherent in any real estate transaction, the illiquidity of the investments and the higher required capital outlay. However, they can be excellent investment vehicles for the sophisticated, high net worth investor with a long time horizon. No return can ever be promised, in fact it is explicitly not promised, and you must sign a statement stating such. We do promise to use prudence and care in all of our dealings. Our continued existence over four decades in this business provides you assurance of this.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your situation and whether or not something like this might be right for you.