REMI is a full service property management company. We can take care of your real property assets so that the burdens of management do not fall upon you. This may, at your discretion, include responsibility for the following services: accounting, financing, financial analysis, banking, sales, income & property taxes, utilities, leasing or renting, market surveillance, maintenance, renovations, insurance, legal compliance, elections, board meetings, evictions, and whatever other eventualities come up. We will work with your other advisors to ensure that your real property portfolio’s risk-return makeup is optimized within the context of your total asset portfolio. Our responsibilities may be adjusted to fit your needs.


With roots dating back to the early 1970s, we provide a comprehensive solution to the management of real property assets. Our growth has been measured and organic because growing too quickly is a sure way to exit the real estate industry in one of the inevitable cyclic downturns. We have weathered financial storms, political upheavals, and the inevitable earthquakes that come with living and working in California. We have multi-generational ownership with clear succession planning.


Our conservative approach focuses our efforts on the long term. Property naturally degrades with use and over time. It also becomes functionally obsolete as needs and expectations change. Therefore, in the context of real property, the conservative approach is to actively address these certainties. The first part of our conservative approach involves looking for issues instead of waiting for them to come to us. The second part of our conservative approach is when faced with a decision regarding your assets, we will assuredly choose the fix that will be done right, that will last, that will only need to be done once, and that is reasonable in cost. We understand that the cheapest is not always the least expensive. What we do well is to preserve and enhance value over the long term.


In practicing what we preach, many of our employees have been with us for decades, and a few for more than a quarter century. This is in stark contrast to most property managers where turnover is characteristic of the industry. Long term team members ensure institutional knowledge and stability in the handling of your asset. Our teams experience and our investment in our company translate to an investment in your property. When you entrust your assets to us, we oversee and protect their value, not only for you, but for your grandchildren.